Tuesday 10 December 2019

Saint Anne Line and the Mass - the English Martyrs and the Mass (FILM TRAILER)


Shining out from among many of our English Martyrs is one of three women who were canonized in 1970 as part of the group of Saints known as 'The 40 Martyrs of England and Wales'. Her name was Anne Line and she was a young Elizabethan Catholic woman who converted to the persecuted Church from Calvinism.

As a member of the outlawed Catholic Church in England, Saint Anne, along with her brother and friend, Roger Line, worked for the Catholic cause. She and Roger soon married but shortly after Roger was arrested with Anne's brother and their priest friend. Roger was sent into exile where he soon died, leaving young Saint Anne a widow.

The great missionary priest Father John Gerard gave Saint Anne Line as mission - to care for safe houses throughout England, where priests who returned to England upon secret, dangerous missions bringing the outlawed Mass and Sacraments to the people, would find safety and shelter.

Saint Anne Line was deeply united to Christ and offered her sufferings, including frequent migraines, in sacrifice for the Catholic cause in England and for the conversion of souls. She was eventually arrested during a secret Mass, imprisoned, questioned, hung up by her wrists for ten days in a cell, but refused to deny the Catholic Faith, the authority of the Pope, the Petrine ministry or repent from sheltering outlawed priests.

Saint Anne Line joyfully gave her life for the Catholic Faith in England at the triple Tyburn gallows.
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The Sacred Heart of Jesus in England and throughout the whole world


Saint Claude de la Colombiere and the Sacred Heart in England:

It was saint Margaret Mary’s confessor, saint Claude de la Colombiere, who was specifically chosen by Jesus to take the devotion of the sacred heart direct from Paray-le-Monial to England in 1678. Saint Claude was a French Jesuit priest, confessor to saint Margaret Mary and advisory to the saint as she received the great revelations of the sacred heart of Jesus for the world. Providence sent saint Claude to St James’ palace in London to be preacher to the Duchess of York, Mary of Modena, the devout Catholic wife of the heir to the English throne, James II, who himself had converted to Catholicism.

When the infamous ‘Titus Oates’ plot broke out and a fresh wave of persecutions struck the recusant Catholics and Catholic priests of England, saint Claude met secretly with future English martyr saint John Wall and confided his admiration for the sacrifices priests were offering in the ‘land of crosses’.

St Claude declared he would willingly give his life for the Catholic Faith in England but was exiled after having completed his task of giving the spark of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus among the faithful English. In this film we look at the life and mission of St. Claude, England and the Titus Oates plot as well as the first shrine to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in England, linked to Saint John Henry Newman.

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England: The Dowry of Mary - NEW DVD release NOW available worldwide


NOW available worldwide in all region formats from Mary's Dowry Productions is our NEW film 'England: The Dowry of Mary'.

England: The Dowry of Mary

The unique title of Dowry of Mary for the country of England can be traced deep into England’s Catholic past. Its significance in Our Lady’s plan for this little country, which was once known as the Island of Saints, has meaning and importance especially now, not only for Britain but for the entire Universal Church. What is the meaning of this title, its history, roots and significance and why now, after almost 1000 years, is England being re-dedicated as the Dowry of Mary in March 2020?

Presented on locations at two important Shrines to Our Lady in England; the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in West Grinstead and the Priory of Our Lady of England in Storrington, West Sussex , we journey through England’s history, from Glastonbury, through the 11th century with Richeldis de Faverches and Our Lady of Walsingham, the lives of many great early British Saints, the Martyrs of the Reformation, the plots of King Henry VIII, the destruction of the Shrines and holy places, images and devotions throughout the land, the counter-reformation in England, the Passionists, St John Henry Newman, St Claude de la Colombiere, Saint Dominic Savio, Pope St John Paul II’s 1982 visit to Wembley and his request for the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham to be present, the Dowry Tour, the meaning of bells, the Angelus, recusants and much more in this unique and inspiring, informative and devotional Catholic adventure through England; The Dowry of Mary. Length and Format: "England: The Dowry of Mary" is 1 hour and 16 minutes in length and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

Please note: Due to the length of this film, those in the US, Canada, Japan and other NTSC regions will be sent a double DVD disc version in two parts. A small surcharge for postage costs will be added at checkout to cover this.


Monday 2 December 2019

Dowry Tour VLOG at Arundel Cathedral, the re-dedication of England to Our Lady as her Dowry

We were at Arundel Cathedral and the Shrine of Saint Philip Howard on Friday for part of the beautiful celebrations and devotions of The Dowry Tour which had arrived at the Cathedral of our Diocese. Here's a quick VLOG on location as Mary's Dowry Productions looks forward to releasing our upcoming film 'England: The Dowry of Mary' this December, to help explain the history and meaning of the title 'Mary's Dowry' for England.