Tuesday 19 February 2019

The Countess of Salisbury, a Catholic Tudor Martyr, Margaret Pole, Catholic DVD of her life as seen on EWTN

Blessed Margaret Pole - The Countess of Salisbury - Catholic DVD

In 2009 Mary's Dowry Productions produced a film about Blessed Margaret Pole, the Countess of Salisbury. This was inspired due to our interest in this important Tudor martyr due to her link with a local area near us, as well as an admiration for her loyalty to the Catholic Faith despite King Henry VIII's threat on her life.

For the film production of this DVD, we hired out Cowdray House ruins in Midhurst, West Sussex when they were closed (for £50) and were given permission to film our costumed visuals of Blessed Margaret Pole throughout the site. This was very moving and atmospheric.

Blessed Margaret Pole was held at Cowdray House for several months before she was taken to the Tower of London, where she spent two years awaiting her execution. Her crime? She refused to accept King Henry VIII as head of the Church and she refused to deny the Catholic Faith or the authority of the Pope.

Incredibly, Blessed Margaret Pole was godmother to King Henry VIII's daughter, Princess Mary, as well as friend to Queen Catherine of Aragon. She was also the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. She was a loyal and devout woman, mother of the future Cardinal Reginald Pole who was the last true Archbishop of Canterbury.

Our film about Blessed Margaret Pole remains our most popular DVD and is posted out throughout the world every month. Not only to Catholics but secular people interested in her life and martyrdom.

Blessed Margaret Pole DVD is available worldwide from Mary's Dowry Productions online shop: www.marysdowryproductions.org and is also part of The Tudor Box Set available from the same site.

The Fourth Seer of Fatima, a Saint for our times - Miracle of the Eucharist, Blessed Alexandrina da Costa DVD

Blessed Alexandrina da Costa DVD

It has been almost ten years since Mary's Dowry Productions produced 'Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa' DVD. It is the only English-speaking film available about this great Saint of the Eucharist and has been broadcast worldwide on EWTN, with DVDs sent regularly throughout the globe.

In 2010 we were encouraged by a Catholic author to produce a film about Blessed Alexandrina. We already had an interest in her life and a devotion to her for some years. In order to produce the film we recreated many important moments of the life of Blessed Alexandrina.

Blessed Alexandrina was born in Portugal. When only 14 years of age she sustained a severe injury after jumping from a window to escape attackers. She then managed to return to the room and fight them off of her sister and friend.

Finding herself bedridden for the rest of her life, Blessed Alexandrina realized that Jesus was a prisoner also - in the Tabernacle. She began to unite her soul with His Real presence and offered herself to Him as a Victim of His Divine Justice as she was made aware of the many grave sins that were offending Our Lord.

Blessed Alexandrina therefore spent every moment of her painful life in union with Jesus. He visited her, guided her and after some time invited her to relive His Most Sacred Passion for the conversion of sinners.

We recreated this profound and miraculous occurrence which would take place every Friday in Blessed Alexandrina's room. She was paralyzed so the fact that she entered into a holy ecstasy and relived the Passion was astounding. 

For our film about Blessed Alexandrina, we used one set - a recreation of her bedroom. Blessed Alexandrina was also a Miracle of the Eucharist. She implored the many people who came to visit her to pray the rosary, consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and wear the Brown Scapular.

Our film about Blessed Alexandrina has been praised by the 'Friends of Blessed Alexandrina', as well as several authors and promoters of this important Saint for our times. It is available worldwide on DVD from Mary's Dowry Productions online shop and is a wonderful way to get to know this great Blessed of the Church:

Every single Catholic film by Mary's Dowry Productions in (two for the price of one film) Catholic box sets

It has been a busy year so far for Mary's Dowry Productions, producing box sets of most of our films. Have you seen our growing range? It is now possible to order almost every single one of our films about the Saints and English Martyrs, two films for the price of one, with our NEW box set range.

We wanted to make these available in groups so as to be able to send out and make known as many biographies about the early British Saints, unknown English Martyrs, important 'Blesseds' and even popular Saints as possible.

This year we hope to complete our NEW film about Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal, truly an inspiring story with wonderful quotes and insights from their letters and writings.

So far we have managed to the film visuals and record the narration. We have slowed down after twelve years of production so as to focus on promoting many of our films about the lesser known Saints and Martyrs as possible.

With three new projects currently in production we hope to work on these while sending off many parcels throughout the world as well as preparing several of our films for broadcast through various non-profit Catholic media.

Mary's Dowry Productions is a Catholic film productions apostolate founded in 2007, run by volunteers, to bring the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs to people using film.

Take a look at out website here: www.marysdowryproductions.org