Saturday 18 April 2015

Alexander Briant, Saint and Martyr, his life on DVD, England, Elizabethan, Misionary priest, Somerset, Mary's Dowry Productions

Alexander Briant, Saint and Martyr DVD - from Mary's Dowry Productions

Saint Alexander Briant
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions
Screenshot from 'Saint Alexander Briant
     Our film about Saint Alexander Briant is now available on DVD.
A touching and thought provoking journey with a very young and holy Catholic priest whose spiritual insight and wisdom of the Catholic Faith gave hope to the people of his day.  Although linked to St. Edmund Campion, his story stands alone, edged with the mystical.  From a young boy in Somerset to a young priest in the City of London, St. Alexander's story is filled with peace, encouragement and inspiration.
In 2007 Mary’s Dowry productions created a new form of film media to present the lives of the saints. Mary’s Dowry Productions recreates stunning silent visuals, informative, devotional narration, and original contemplative music that touches your spirit to draw you into a spiritual encounter with the saint. Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear. Our films seek to offer a window into the lives of our saints. Using your spiritual senses we invite you to shut out the world, sit prayerfully and peacefully and go on a journey of faith, history and prayer with this young and holy priest.

"Whether this that I say be miraculous or no, God knoweth. But true it is, and thereof my conscience is a witness before God. And this I say that in the end of the torture, though my hands and feet were violently stretched and racked, and my adversaries fulfilled their wicked lust in practising their cruel tyranny on my body, yet notwithstanding I was without sense and feeling, well nigh of all grief and pain; and not so only, but as it were comforted, eased and refreshed with perfect and present senses in quietness of heart and tranquillity of mind; which thing when the commissioners did see, they departed, and in going forth of the door they gave orders to rack me again the next day following after the same sort. Now when I heard them say so, it came into my mind by-and-by, and I did verily believe and trust, that with the help of God I should be able to bear and suffer it patiently. In the meantime (as well as I could) I did muse and meditate upon the most bitter passion of our Saviour, and how full of innumerable pains it was."
-Saint Alexander Briant.

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